The building is organized in 3 distinct areas, Social Zone, Accommodation Zone and Training Zone, and it was thought to ensure mobility and accessibility for all in an extension of 8,000 m2.

Training Area:

  • Fully equipped gym, with about 500m²;
  • Administrative and theoretical support rooms for training;
  • Meeting room of coaches;
  • Multimedia room for theoretical classes and video screenings;
  • Multipurpose rooms for national technical teams;
  • Medical area with complementary diagnostic facilities;
  • Indoor pool 25m x 5,65m (depths between 1,20m e 1,70m);
  • Relaxation area with whirlpool, Sauna, Turkish bath;
  • Shower rooms;
  • Technical installations.

Outdoor Training Zone:

  • Outdoor Sports Area;
  • Douro River, by platform of access to the water plan, in the Cais of Pocinho (1 km from the Center), with hangar for boats and nautical equipment.
  • 3 Semi-Rigid Boats (4 person maximum capacity)
  • Trailer for 8 canoes (12 meters maximum length)

The Social Area has:

  • Auditorium with translation rooms (for 3 different languages);
  • A study room with library and cyberspace;
  • Living room with games and living areas;
  • Administrative office, meeting room;
  • Canteen for around 70 users;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Barroom;
  • Terrace;
  • Support area: kitchen, laundry, sanitary.

Accommodation Zone:

  • 85 rooms with capacity for 159 athletes (2 suites, 9 single, 74 double);
  • laundries;
  • Pantries.

Other areas / equipment:

  • Garage, with 500 m2;
  • Technical areas distributed by the building.

Technical Specifications

Quant. Tipo
1 Deltóides Machine
1 Machine for pectorals in bench press
1 Incline Bench Pectoral Machine
1 Bottom bench press machine
2 Rowing Machine
2 Low Back Row Machine
2 High Back Rower Machine
1 Dorsal and Biceps Machine in Low Pull
1 Machine for glutes and hamstrings
2 Machine for abductors
1 Machine for hamstrings
3 Machine for quadriceps
1 Machine for calves muscles
2 Machine for multiple requests with bar and vertical guides
1 Machine for multiple requests with cables and pulleys
1 Multi-Requester Machine with Continuous Handles and Three-Dimensional Sheaves
3 Cardiovascular exercise machine for running on treadmill
3 Machine for cardiovascular exercise by static bicycle
2 Body Upper Body Exercise Machine
16 Rotating cardiovascular exercise machine
2 Adjustable bench
1 Bank crunch for multiple abdominal exercises
2 Horizontal bench for multiple exercises
1 Inclined Bench for Multiple Exercises
1 Inclined bench for multiple exercises of the lumbar zone
2 Scott bench for biceps exercises
1 Various Weights, Bars and Dumbells
1 Functional supplementary training equipment
  Online software system for athlete training prescription
  Interactive device for consultation of online training prescriptions
10 Step aerobic adjustable in 3 heights

Installations Plans

Planta do CAR