José Sousa, Technician of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation

Fev. 2017

José Sousa, National Technician of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation, who was recently in training at Pocinho's CAR, reveals that the team "was fascinated the very first day", since "this Center has everything inside the same building and this is half way to be exceptional”.

In addition, José Sousa points out that the "building completes very well the water conditions of the Pocinho dam. We have a very good thing here that is space, we can go upstream without any problem".

Emanuel Silva, Athlete of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation [Olympic canoeist]

Fev. 2017

Emanuel Silva, athlete of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation, also highlights the "excellent housing and food conditions" offered at the High-Performance Center.

"I've traveled a lot of places and I've never seen a CAR with this caliber. I think I can say that it is the best I know worldwide, given my experience in kayaking, this is really at the top".

"If we have the conditions in Portugal to do a good job we have to stay inside and take advantage of it to make a good preparation," said the athlete who showed willingness to return to the High-Performance Center.

Pedro Bonito, Athlete of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation [Olympic Canoeist]

Fev. 2017

Pedro Bonito, athlete of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation, also highlights that "I feel at home, we have great conditions" in these center.

Pedro Fraga, Athlete of the Portuguese Rowing Federation [Olympic Rower]

Fev. 2016

"We are back to Pocinho during this month, if I remember the last stage we did here was in 2010, but this time the conditions are completely different.

It was recently inaugurated the High-Performance Center income, directed exclusively for our modality. The great quality of this location continues to be the water plane, but the big difference at this point is even out of the water. At the moment we can combine what already existed of good, the water, with a series of infrastructures of world-wide top. From the large and architectonic living spaces to the comfort of the rooms, passing the gym (I think the best I've seen in my entire career) and recovery spaces, ending up in the good quality of food. Pocinho is a place of excellence in training worldwide. "

"High-Performance Center has the conditions to host immense world class athletes."

"A structure of this magnitude, just for rowing in Portugal, is a unique thing".

Nuno Mendes, Athlete of the Portuguese Rowing Federation [Olympic Rower]

Fev. 2016

“Training at the High-Performance Center is an excellent contribution for physical and technical preparation, on the way to qualifying for the 2016 Olympics.”

"It has good conditions, not only at the equipment level, but also with respect to the water plan".

Edward Blanc, Coach of the National Selection Of Switzerland

Fev. 2016

Has emphasizes the conditions provided by the mirror of water of the reservoir of the Pocinho, for the training of the rowers.

"It is a calm river, with very good conditions for the preparation of the athletes," he emphasized.” The Swiss coach also highlighted the quality of the accommodation and local gastronomy.

Matti Killing, Treinador da Seleção Olímpica da Estónia

(after winning the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro)

“We are glad that you followed us during the Rio Olympic games. I am sure that your sports complex and lovely staff contributed to our success. It is great that you have managed to build such a good rowing center and we will definitely visit you again in the future.”

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic of Portugal

Jul. 2016

The High Income Center of Pocinho "is proof that the interior is changing". "The interior call is at the center of other very important realities, it is in the center of the Iberian Peninsula."